Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the popup not displayed again once closed?

When a user performs the Click-To-Action (CTA) or close the popup with the close button, the default behavior with the Free and Plus plans is to keep the popup hidden until the popup title or content change and the page is reloaded.

You can customize this behavior by upgrading to the Pro plan. This last enables 4 options:

  • Always display on page reloads.
  • Display again only if title or content change (default).
  • Display again after some time.
  • Display again a given number of times.

For testing purposes, you can reset any states by clearing your browser local storage (all our keys make use of the content-showcase prefix). Another mean is to open your pages in an incognito browser.

What are events sent to Google Analytics?

The pro plan includes an integration with Google Analytics. Once the feature is set up, we send events for popup clicks and impressions.

All events have their category set to and are labeled using your post title.

Here are the event actions we use:

ClickSent when a user clicks and closes the popup whatever the trigger was (close button, CTA button or popup itself). See click events below for identifying more fine grain actions.
Click Close ButtonSent when a user closes the popup by clicking on the close button. This action may only be triggered when the close button is displayed.
Click CTA ButtonSent when a user closes the popup by clicking on the CTA button. This action may only be triggered when a CTA button is displayed.
Click PopupSent when a user closes the popup by clicking on the popup. This action may only be triggered when no CTA button is displayed.
ImpressionSent when the Content Showcase popup is loaded on a user browser.
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How to submit bug reports or feature requests?

Issues are kept public in a Github repository:

You can report a bug or submit a feature request by dropping us a line.